This is a fresh way to thinking about what helps or hinders your success. And it’s not just what you THINK!

I am excited to share thisĀ 20 Questions Quiz that I made up for you. It will help you think differently about how you go about planning, making decisions, solving problems and getting things done.

The quiz asks you questions that will help you understand how you generally go about gathering information and making decisions, and looking at the strengths and weakness of that predisposition.

What do you rely on the most? Is it your thinking mind, senses, feeling or are you action oriented?
Find out when you take this quiz and it will give you a fresh perspective on when and where and why you succeed or fail at what you do.

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What type of resources would you like to see here?


on what topics? ~ new brain research, habit change, new research on the science of happiness, business development for creative entrepreneurs, meditation and spirituality, art books?


on what topics? ~ art, meditation, personal development, new brain science and change, spirituality?


there are a lot of great videos I could recommend, from TED talks to meditation instruction. What would you be interested in?

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