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Can you relate to any of the following?

  • I feel stuck in a job that stresses me out and doesn’t feel meaningful.
  • I think myself in circles, nothing changes and I end up feeling frustrated, hopeless or stuck.
  • I want to change my life but don’t know where to start.
  • I don’t feel like I’m good enough.
  • I don’t have time to do the things “I need to” let alone things that fill my soul.
  • I’m exhausted; I’m better at taking care of others than myself.

Live with heart, direction and spirit in action.

Trouble comes in as many flavors as opportunity; but we don’t always recognize the opportunities. Our old brain, the one that is wired for protection, filters for danger at a 5:1 ratio. Our heart and all the rest of us doesn’t know the difference. It’s easy to get stuck, to fall prey to discontent. The longing remains, to feel happier, connected, purposeful.

When you own where you are, what you want and connect it to how you want to feel, you can start to make progress. When you connect your vision to intuition the universe knows where you want to go. When you start working with limiting beliefs and habits that aren’t helping (and possibly obstructive) then you can really get some traction. For most people the biggest obstacle to overcome is our lack of self-appreciation, self-love and compassion. It all starts at home. We can work on that together.

“As soon as I became clear with my intentions and wrote them/drew them my mind was relaxed and liberated. I became more confident and present in all parts of my life. ~Valerie Wersinger

You can read more about Valerie’s story here.

Positive change starts with a willingness to trust, in self-awareness, clear priorities and action. It doesn’t mean we need all the answers. In fact to the contrary, life keeps changing, we keep changing, the question is whether or not we are willing to risk asking for what we want in the process. Are we prioritizing our own needs? Are we acting with intention?

I use a combination of visual goal setting and alternative therapies. Visual goal setting is great place to start. It’s a process to deepen a conversation with your self so that you can get clear about what you want, why you want it and how to go about creating something new. It’s about looking at resistance, fear and risk. It’s about vulnerability, which means it’s about courage!

What can you expect from working with Britt?

  • Clarity

    You will be able to see the situation clearly. You will connect your current reality to what is meaningful and ignite your motivation to take action.

  • Priorities

    Your priorities will be clear and your decisions will become easier to make.

  • An Open Heart

    You will be supported with an open heart and have the opportunity to open your heart more fully to yourself and others.

  • Healing and release

    You will heal, grow and release unforgiving thoughts, feelings, energies and discover greater compassion and peace for yourself and others.

  • Abundance

    You will create and accept more abundance in your life in all it’s forms.


I provide coaching for individuals and groups to help people heal and actualize their intentions, using visual tools and hypnotherapy.

Brittany’s “Soulful Cohesion” was a wonderful blend of thought -provoking soul searching and visualizing these thoughts through collage. Brittany’s expert group process skills helped guide me gently into areas I might have avoided and thus lost the opportunity to clarify some unresolved personal issues. Ending the workshop with guided visual imagery helped seal the process in a most powerful way.~ Dianne Elliott

Picture Your Possibilities. Create your best self and a clear and inspirational vision. See where you are headed and make a plan to get there. When you commit and enroll you will already be on your way. You’ll develop the confidence to take steps you have been hesitant to take. I’ll teach you how to create your own visual map, using a map designed by Patti Dobrowolski, author of Drawing Solutions: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life. It will serve to guide you, and provide milestones to mark your progress. 

Working with me you’ll feel more confidence and control and have support to deal with your fears or resistance (which will most definitely come up). We’ll work with all of it, the inspiration and doubts, with a fun visual process that will rekindle your creative spirit and fire-up your whole neurological system. Stop wasting time and fill your life with more Yeses!

“I came to Britt with a million things I needed to get done, and she helped me choose the most important, meaningful ones and to map out my goals in a fun visual way. She encouraged me to face the challenges that stretch me without becoming a burden. She taught me a process I can use when I need to prioritize and decide what to do now and next.  She has an amazing ability to cut through the fog and clutter to the essential issues in moving forward in my work. I feel so much clearer and more focused after going through this process with her!
~ Pearl Klein,Words at Work

I will guide you through a process that will inspire motivation and confidence to succeed.

Here is what we’ll do:

  • Look at where you are right now, using a visual process that’s grounded in scientifically validated methods that not only make the most of new brain research but is FUN!
  • Talk about how you feel about things now and how you want to feel in the future.
  • Suspend disbelief, visualize your desired new reality, see what that would look like.Your feeling function always know where it wants to go, and can also act as a guide for getting there
  • Identify a meaningful path and  3 bold steps to move you forward. Develop confidence in yourself and your plan when you know what to do next.
  • Plan for Action. Clarify your expectations. Make your goals real, manageable, life size, and prioritize your time.
  • Clarify how you will know when you are on track and successful. The journey is important and you’ll have a lot of decisions to make along the way. This will make that easier.
  • Take action. Learn to work with your fear, obstacles, and risk. Learn to make time for you and your priorities. Replace what’s not working with new behaviors, whether it’s related to time management or self-defeating behaviors.
  • And if you like, clear obstacles to success using alternative therapies, such as NLP or hypnotherapy.
“The most useful thing for me has been the honest of the work. It is virtually impossible to ‘fake’ what’s true when you go home and sit with yourself and your map. What’s true is more clear than ever and your excuses and delusions are exposed. Light the way!” ~ Susanne Peterson


I provide individual and group coaching centered on a process using visual mapping, combined with some guided visualization and a lot of questions to help you get to the roots of your motivation, your hopes and fears, and how you want to feel down the road. (Just ask Mary Grace!)



Coaching outcomes and philosophy
Coaching clients can expect a variety of valuable outcomes, personally and professionally:
the opportunity to develop clarity, confidence, a map and an action plan, with support and accountability. The process is structured and intuitive, planned and responsive, reflective and requires always requires action.  It also takes time, and a 3-6 months minimum is generally a reasonable timeframe to expect for creating significant sustainable change.
Transformation begins with the first intention, the first commitment, and then the doing of it! 



Clarity, Confidence, a Map and an Action Plan.

Includes 1 month coaching package 3 sessions and email support:

  • One 3 hour individual coaching session to complete visual goal setting map
  • Two 1 hour planning sessions (pre or post / depending on client preference)




Support for the process after visual goal setting:  to deepen awareness of and motivation to explore options, plan, prioritize,  set timelines,  and look at the habits of mind and behaviors that will support success.


  • 60 or 90 minute  individual coaching sessions are available
  • In person or by Skype



“Brittany’s workshop was very well structured and I have to say I got out of it exactly what I was hoping for. The values exercises helped me get very clear about what aspects of my job (practical and environmental) facilitate my job-happiness and inspire me to do my best work. Perhaps even more important, I was able to identify those aspects that drain my energy and keep me from having a higher impact. Afterwards, I felt empowered to make critical decisions to facilitate my professional development and personal growth.”~ Jennifer Orgaard, Participant in Assistant’s Workshop at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

“Fun, supporting, insightful, focused. Brittany prepared me for the journey of inner discovery and I can’t wait for our next session.” ~ Mary Grace Lentz, Educator

Contact Brittany for  information about how to bring this opportunity to your workplace.
Or keep reading if you still have more questions.

The tricky part is that there are all these different voices inside us thrashing it out. Part of us can see what’s not working, feels dissatisfied, knows we could be living a life that is richer, has more meaning, is closer to our heart. Part of us is inspired by the idea of more freedom, more abundance, more creativity.

The reason traditional goal setting fails so often is that it doesn’t account for the power of the old brain to step in and hold up the flag of resistance to change. This process integrates approaches that work with all of that, all of you. But ultimately, your ability to create change hinges on your desire for change and your belief in your ability to make it happen. Put those together and you are on the road.

What is holding you back from living a more confident and meaningful life? It’s time to get unstuck, discover your truth, and gain confidence and control to create new possibilities.

Schedule a Get Acquainted Session. Take 30 minutes to talk to Brittany about how this could support you in creating positive change in your life.

It looks simple. But just like a traffic light; it’s what you do with it that matters.

Why Visual Mapping? How does it work?

We will work with a holistic process that is grounded in a host of brain science about the right and left brain, the old and new parts of the brain, and the way it all just gets better when you integrate visuals and words. For example, we know that the left brain is really good at sequential, analytical thought, and it commands our use of logic and language. All that comes in very handy, especially when we are working on your task plan. The right brain is creative, sees connections, is wicked smart at connecting pattern, and dealing with complexity in a holistic intuitive way.

When we combine words and images we fire up the whole brain.

Visuals and words combined are powerful in their ability to help us elicit meaning, make connections, spark associations, create and utilize metaphor. It’s the best of both worlds – and it makes a world of difference when you’re planning how to change your life!

Then there are the new brain and the old brain. The new brain is what we usually think about. It takes care of our conscious, cognitive, thinking. The old brain manages most of our decision-making, the emotional epicenter and regulates motivation. The old brain is where we store memories with emotional significance and ignites the fight–or-flight neurological commands to the body. It is what my colleague Susan Crampton-Davis calls the change resistant brain.

One research study estimated that 98% of our decision making is actually governed by our old brain, and our old brain is highly change resistant. That’s why goal setting often fails, why resolutions can be hard to keep, why we stew and stir for years sometimes before working up the courage to end or begin something we know isn’t working. The good news is that can change.

One of my special powers is that I help people tether the power of intention to strategic thinking, and use practical tools to stimulate meaningful motivation, prioritization, time management, and overcome obstacles and habits that don’t contribute to happiness or success.

Hear what happy clients have had to say.

“I have been a small business owner for twenty years, and Brittany has been instrumental in helping me find solutions for the new challenges that accompany the various stages of growth. Whether it is about creating and organizational system for the office, marketing, or designing a business plan with clear achievable goals, she has always been able to understand my needs and come up with creative insight that is ‘right on target’.” ~ Dionne Haroutunian, Sev Shoon Arts Center
“I would consider myself a fairly organized, on-task person. But when it comes to following through on my career goals on a daily basis, and feeling good about the business side of my (work), I can get a bit lost and unmotivated…. after class I went home pondering my greater overall personal values. I applied my values to a specific goal, with specific strategies and tactics for accomplishing it…. Britt encouraged me to think in terms of small accomplishments that would keep me motivated and happy about the progress toward my goal. And the best part was that I could do it all in a totally visual way; painting, gluing, sketching, and stamping. I created pages in my journal that I can look back on with pride, and now have much more motivation to keep going! I would recommend this course for anyone remotely interested in setting goals (of any kind!) and accomplishing them in a fun, exciting way.” ~ Betsy Barnum, Artist,



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