The short story

Brittany Faulkner is an artist, teacher and life coach with a passion for helping people clarify and actualize their intentions. In other words, figure out what has meaning and value in their life make it a priority, and that usually means finding more heart and love, for themselves and others.

Her art has been shown in public and private, solo and group exhibits, including the Swedish Hospital collection, and is largely focused on healing themes. The work emerges from a highly intuitive process that is inevitably linked to themes of growth, spirit and healing. Her experience as an artist deeply informs her work as a teacher and coach.

Brittany brings a unique blend of body, mind, heart and spirit to her coaching, integrating art and creative process, yoga, meditation, positive and archetypal psychology. She also practices neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and is a registered hypnotherapist. Prior to opening her private practice, she spent four years working with world class strategy and measurement professionals at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She has a rich background in academic advising and administration, working with undergraduates and graduate students at the University of Washington and ESL students at the University of California. Never moving in a straight path, she has also moved in and out of self-employment as a licensed massage therapist and Hatha yoga instructor, and she has been a student of meditation and Buddhist philosophy for over 28 years.


At heart, Brittany is a conceptual artist in the broadest sense of the term, with a passion for connecting people and their ideas to inspiration and resources. She is equally process and results-focused, with a commitment to great service, communication, and kindness.

Brittany works equally well in her art studio near Green Lake and in conferences room and business settings, wherever there is rich conversation and engaging work waiting to happen.

A little more about my story, why I do this work.

I am actually wired to work as an artist, a coach, a guide, a teacher. That’s why I do this work. It’s in my nature; you could say it’s my superpower. I have much to share. I am a good listener.

I also have the unusual ability to traverse between the visionary and sensory world and then cross-over to the strategic and tactical side or the brain, where we get stuff done, master timelines, and create task lists. Well that is if our emotions or unconscious don’t have something else in mind.

And the truth is that they usually do! It’s why my work starts with engaging the whole brain, left, right, old, middle and new, the conscious, the unconscious, the imagined, intuitive and linear, logical and practical. I call it tangible insight.

I grew up constantly moving. I don’t mean running around the yard, because the truth is I was more of a talker than a runner. I grew up moving, house to house, school to school, state to state, as my dad’s career advanced. In New Mexico, where I was born, they would say I became a shape shifter. I have always been a student of change and the art of transformation. It runs in my family.

I faced the common enemies of transition, and learned to deal with hope and fear, loss and gain, and the fragile nature of reputation and identity. And most of all I struggled with the tension between wanting to fit in, to be liked, to be successful, to make a mark on the world, and the fear that I was too different and probably not good enough.

So I studied, I made well-reasoned decisions, I faced some fears, avoided others. I had some success and often I cycled through depression. I wrangled with my thoughts and incessant chatter. I began to listen more deeply.

I listened at work, to my colleagues and the students I was advising. I listened in the darkness, to my body, to my dreams and I looked for solutions, in my art and through meditation. I paid attention to how my activities at work affected my mind. I paid attention to how my activities outside of work affected my work. I got help from a therapist. I did a lot of reflection. I completed a triathlon. I even had the great fortune to go to India, less than one year after I intentionally put it on my bucket list.

I also joined a support group led by Susan Crampton-Davis focused on happiness at work. I was convinced I couldn’t possibly focus my life on art and spirit. One day we did an exercise where we drew a map of our life as a house. We drew the house we were living in. Then I drew the one I wanted to live in. What a difference! In my dream house, all my passions were under one roof. The house I was living in didn’t even have a breezeway to my work, let alone integrate my natural strengths. I knew I had to rebuild my house.

Two things followed that created a tipping point. My friend Julie Walwick died of breast cancer, after a long and valiant fight, and I had a breakthrough session with Susan focused on parts integration and letting go of limiting beliefs. I felt the unpredictable and uncertain nature of life. I saw with more clarity what was important to me and what needed to change to bring my life into alignment. I felt more wholeness and was compelled to move towards living a life that was more integrated and authentic, as I defined it.

I began to take risks and share more of myself. Still, I cycled in and out of trusting what I knew was true about myself, not believing that I would be supported if I lived by that truth. The time came when it was too painful to continue, and fortunately I found the support to change, and step out.

So that’s how I got here.

In the past year and a half I have deepened my experience as an artist, teacher and coach. I studied neurolinguistic programming  (NLP) and hypnosis because I found the parts and timeline work deeply transformative, and am now an certified NLP Practitioner and a licensed Hypnotherapist.

My ability to see opportunities and to help others see what is underneath things is also one of my gifts. I use visual tools and metaphors to help my clients better understand what they want from life, to see things in a new way, to believe in new possibilities and find options that they couldn’t imagine before; because they were stuck running the same circuits, traveling down the same neuropath ways, caught in doubt, fear or lack of confidence. Once people see the possibilities AND see the truth in themselves; it’s impossible to go back. The only place to go is forward; it can be that easy, if we let it.

Contact Information

CONTACT BRITTANY FAULKNER at britt@withbritt.com

P: 206 816 9764 OR email: britt@withbritt.com



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